Norco Coaster Kids Pink 16″ Pink (2021)


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The Norco Coaster Kids Bike 16″ is perfect for little shredders looking for their first mountain bike that offers loads of fun with the perfect simplicity for those learning to ride. The Coaster has simple, lightweight, and high-quality components with a single-speed drivetrain and a rear alloy v-brake meaning there’s less to focus on the bike and more time to focus on the riding! The lower standover height helps smaller riders to fit bikes with larger wheels, meaning that this bike will last for longer, an amazing win for parents! But these bikes aren’t just built for parents to love. The larger wheels make it easier to ride over bumpy terrain, and the mountain bike tread on the tyres help with grip. Short stems and wide bars provide stability and make steering easier, making this a fun bike that children will love riding, perfect for an off-road adventure!

Specifically designed with a lower standover height so that bikes with larger wheels fit your child sooner and last longer.

The Norco Coaster has designed their brake levers specifically for smaller hands, with an adjustable reach, they help riders get used to brakes as soon as possible.

Norco doesn’t skimp on the quality, even on their kids bikes! Offering stainless steel spokes, a high-quality saddle, Krayton rubber grips and the durable Jr BMX pedals for a bike that lasts and lasts!

Questions Answered
What is the Norco Coaster used for?
This bike is perfect to ride around your local park, neighbourhood, dirt paths and trails, pump tracks and even to school and back!

Why choose the Norco Coaster?
This bike is designed for little riders to make it a fun, controlled and safe ride. On top of that, the lower standover height means the bike will fit them for longer, and the simple components like the single-speed chain mean less maintenance and fewer things to think about when learning to ride! Perfect for your little shredder, but with parents kept in mind.

Who is the Norco Coaster designed for?
The younger rider who loves riding around offroad, be it on grass or dirt, or even those who just want a comfortable bike to ride around the neighbourhood, this is the perfect bike for them!

Additional information

Weight 4.5 kg
Dimensions 200 × 20 × 100 cm