Norco VLT Generation 3 Battery 720Wh


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Shimano has exclusively manufactured a series of batteries for Norco’s all-new VLT Electric Bike Range. The result is the Norco VLT Generation 3 Battery which comes in 3 new and large capacity sizes! It has been designed to be housed in the downtube of the new Norco VLT range and can easily be removed when swapping or charging off the bike.

The 720Wh Norco VLT Generation 3 Battery offers 33% more range than the smaller 540Wh Norco VLT Generation 3 Battery with a marginal 690g weight penalty (for the number crunchers, it’s a small 22% penalty). In the greater scheme of things, you’ll find the additional weight more than makes up for the greater range!

Composition: 21700 Li-Ion
Capacity: 720Wh (20.0Ah)
Compatibility: 2022 Norco VLT Electric Mountain Bikes
Weight: 3880g
Comparison Chart
Battery Capacity 540Wh (15.0Ah) 720Wh (20.0Ah) 900 (25.0Ah)
Elevation, m (ft) 2100 (6890) 2800 (9180) 3500 (11480)
Distance, km 38 50 63
Please Note:

The above figures are based on Norco’s real-world testing
Testing was carried out by a fit, accomplished rider able to maintain 300W of power over a sustained period
Test Settings: Eco Mode
Test Location: British Columbia
Disclaimer: Results will vary depending on a number of key variables. The following list is not exhaustive:
Assist Mode
Total Weight (Bike, Rider and Battery)
Rider Power Output
Riding Conditions
Terrain, Gradient and Elevation

Additional information

Weight 4.5 kg
Dimensions 200 × 20 × 100 cm