Norco Range C3 Mountain Bike Red (2022)


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The 2022 Norco Range C3 has been designed to take your riding to the next level.

With a sleek all-new design, engineered from the ground up, the Range C3 is a progressive enduro beast, ready to tackle anything you throw at it. Featuring 170mm of travel, front and rear, and a revised angle on suspension, the Range C3 is the fastest Enduro bike ever built and the ultimate All-Mountain ride. In fact, The Range C3 makes speed feel easy – it’s able to maintain momentum through rough, technical descents while making the most of every pedal stroke on tough climbs.

You can thank Norco’s Factory Team for the all-new design. They’ve lead the design and engineering process from the front, openly dictating the design of the Range C3, before testing it in the wild. The result is a model the riders have been asking for: low centre of gravity due to the unique fork layout and shock position; active and balanced suspension providing a stable platform in all terrains, and an efficient design for easier climbing.

The Range C3 features one of the slackest head tube angles you’ll find on an Enduro MTB. It may seem counter-intuitive, but combined with the redesigned Range C3’s progressive geometry, it results in precise high-speed handling in the roughest conditions.

The pivot point is not fixed and moves as the suspension cycles, crating a rearward axle path while controlling its path through suspension travel to provide lower levels of anti-rise. This translates into a suspension set-up that carries momentum exceptionally in rough terrain, yet remains active under braking to maintain grip and control.

The Range C3 features a short seat tube for maximum standover clearance, allowing size-specific, long-travel dropper posts to get seats completely out of the way in the rough stuff.

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