Norco Sight VLT A2 Electric Mountain Bike – Battery Sold Separately




Norco Sight VLT A2
All-New 3rd Generation Alloy Frame
RockShox 35 Gold Fork
3 Battery Options: 540Wh, 720Wh and 900Wh
Whisper-Quiet Shimano EP8 Motor
Shimano Deore Drivetrain
“It flutters over chunder comfortably, and there is excellent composure under heavy braking. Along with the tough tyre casings and sticky Assegai up front, this is a bike that really encourages you to charge into rough sections with reckless abandon.”

– Dan & Wil

FLOW Mountain Bike

The all-new Norco Sight VLT is a true to its roots all-mountain electric mountain bike designed to reinvigorate your love for riding through backwoods and exploring the great unknown. With a redesigned chassis and class-leading battery options, the Sight VLT is the most stable and capable all-mountain bike Norco has ever created. The unique battery options mean you have the opportunity to spec the bike to your desired requirements: go for the smaller battery for carving up trails, the largest battery for endless hours exploring, or the mid-range for flexibility! While the 160mm of front travel and 150mm of rear travel, as well as a revised linkage, means you can shred the gnarl, or really take the off-piste route home.

With the Norco Sight VLT A2, riders will notice how versatile it really is. The alloy frame is incredibly compliant and soaks up rough surfaces for a more enjoyable ride. Combined with the all-new design, riders are afforded a low centre of gravity due to the unique fork layout and shock position. With a long wheelbase, slack head angle and steep seat angle, you’ll find the Sight VLT is just at home climbing steep, technical sections as it is on fast and tight descents. Indeed, the Sight remains stable and surefooted and feels like it corners on rails with minimal rider input. Much of this can be attributed to the Sight VLTs clever engineering and custom-tuned RockShox Super Deluxe Select+ RT rear shock that offers a plush yet responsive ride that rolls over any and all terrains. The result is a bike that holds its line regardless of terrain and encourages you to keep pushing your boundaries as you chase personal bests.

The Norco Sight VLT is powered by Shimano’s latest generation motor and battery system: the EP8. It’s a serious piece of kit, with the motor re-orientated to ensure the battery, which is contained in the downtube, to easily be removed when swapping or charging off the bike. Speaking of batteries, the Norco Fluid VLT can accommodate 3 different and unique battery options: 540Wh, 720Wh or the extreme 900Wh capacity battery, giving you the option to change your battery depending on your riding style or needs. While the whisper-quiet Shimano EP8 motor rewards riders with instant power and torque on tap making climbs a breeze. As an added bonus, the re-orientation of the motor has resulted in the battery being better protected from impacts, as well as allowing the motor to move higher up in the frame to increase ground clearance. Moreover, all Sight frames can accommodate at least one water bottle and Large and Extra Large frames are able to take two – no more pesky backpacks for long days spent out on the trails!

With the incredible tech on offer and the stiff carbon frame, Norco has specced the Sight VLT A2 with Shimano Deore kit to ensure you get the most out of the incredible EP8 motor without unnecessary expense. The Deore 12-speed cassette offers smooth shifting and is optimised for climbing, while a broad mid-range offering helps you to get the most out of every pump as you chase speed. With the included Deore Shadow+ rear derailleur, shifting is virtually silent and the clutch system keeps your chain taut in all conditions so your runs don’t get derailed by a dropped chain. To finish, Norco has equipped the Sight VLT A2 with 4 Piston Shimano Deore Hydraulic Disc Brakes to give you more power, predictable application and durable braking that works after extended breaking and multiple shuttle runs so you’re always well in control.

Norco has really nailed the brief for an all-mountain dual suspension electric mountain bike with the Sight VLT A2. Thanks to Norco’s clever engineering, the Sight VLT is incredibly stable climbing over technical terrain and descends like it’s hellbound. While it takes full advantage of the Shimano EP8 motor so that practically nothing gets in your way, especially tired legs! The Norco Sight VLT A1 Electric Mountain Bike is here to change your mind on alloy mountain bikes. Forget about expensive carbon frames, this is an incredibly stiff and compliant alloy framed electric mountain bike that’s hungry to explore. Take full advantage of the fantastic suspension and rolling effiency of the Norco Sight VLT A2 to monster everything in your path as you chase records. In its current state, the Norco Sight VLT A2 is ready to roll you into next year – this is a confidence-boosting bike with stability in boat loads. Get out and explore!

The Sight VLT features a slack head tube angle and long wheelbase to provide an incredibly stable platform. In combination with the custom-tuned rear shock and fork, you’ll find the Sight excels when climbing over rough technical terrain, and corners like it’s on rails.

The pivot point is not fixed and moves as the suspension cycles, creating a rearward axle path while controlling its path through suspension travel to provide lower levels of anti-rise. This translates into a suspension set-up that carries momentum exceptionally in rough terrain, yet remains active under braking to maintain grip and control.

The Sight VLT features a short seat tube for maximum standover clearance, allowing size-specific, long-travel dropper posts to get seats completely out of the way in the rough stuff. RIDE ALIGNED
Geometry and suspension kinematics have been optimised for rider comfort and feedback, while the Ride Aligned Setup Guide enables riders to custom fit and tune their set-up for unmatched performance from the first ride. With Norco’s Ride Aligned System, every ride will feel like a new experience.

The Fluid VLT features e-certified components designed to withstand the additional weight involved with e-bikes. This includes forks and rims that excel in extreme conditions.

The whisper-quiet Shimano EP8 offers unrivalled performance on the trails, with torque and power on tap to help you climb steep slopes with ease. In combination with Norco’s exclusive Shimano batteries, you can pick and choose the battery to fit your style or bike park: 540Wh, 720Wh or monster 900Wh capacities.

Additional information

Weight 4.5 kg
Dimensions 200 × 20 × 100 cm